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Husband and wife relationship

Use this to simply get your husband or wife to do what you want

there is no magic some where that can get you very close to your husband or wife than what you will see below.

Note that this are not the only ways but this are some of the useful ways that will help you more.

Ways to get the opinion of your husband or wife.

It's very easy to do this with the following ways

1 your husband or wife will always submit to you. He or she will always do what you ask him to do if you respect him or she. It means that the first one is respect.

2 the second way of getting your husband or wife to respect and do what you say is by applying love.

Love is Devine and God in fullness.

3 we also can influence our will on our husbands or wife's when we are faithful to them.

In marriage, faithfulness is Keen factor to unity

4 praying with the family is another way of getting your husband or wife to do what you really want him or her to.

We must know that, apart from this above mentioned and some other one's with faith and prayers, juju, efor, and other concoctions are only deceptives and can kill people.

Share to save souls.

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