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Oheneyire Gifty Anti: I am Grateful for the Gift you gave to my Daughter

Meet the Gentleman whose Act of Appreciation and Honor to Oheneyire Gifty Anti has gotten her Overwhelmed and Its Going to Open Great Opportunities for Him

You Shocked me a week ago; You didn't have to Joe, but I tell you this that Appreciation will open Great Doors for You. 

Joe, a makeup artist got to know Oheneyire wasn't going to be Paid for a Project and this what he did. Meet this Gentleman whose Act of Appreciation and Honor to Oheneyire Gifty Anti has gotten her Overwhelmed

Sometimes we are tempted to think that, such rich or wealthy people don't really need anything from us. 

That is, we often say that, what is this rich man or woman going to do with this meager amount of money from me. 

Yes, it is often difficult to show appreciation or 'give' a gift whether in cash or kind to wealthy people, especially in times when we want to express our appreciation to them for something good they might have done for us. 

It becomes so difficult even to think of what to give them, since in our minds, they have it all. 

It is true your money may not move their purse but it can definitely move their hearts. 

This is the experience that Oheneyire Gifty Anti is sharing with us about how she is touched by a kind gesture of one of her make up Artist. 

According to her, she recommended this young guy to a team she was undertaking a free of charge project for. 

So he was given the contract to be the Makeup artist for Oheneyire. 

However, Oheneyire wasn't going to be Paid for the Project but the Makeup Artist was definitely going to be Paid. 

So when this guy realized that Oheneyire who recommended him for the Project wasn't going to be paid, he gave part of the money to Oheneyire Gifty Anti that he should give it to her daughter. 

We are often schooled by our elders that wherever we go, we should try our best to leave a print or an indelible mark so that we will always be remembered. 

I don't know how much the gentlemen received for his work and how much he gave to Oheneyire's daughter, but the most important thing is that he has moved Gifty Anti's heart. 

This singular act of appreciation according to Oheneyire is going to open up great doors of opportunities for Joe, the makeup artist. 

And as long as Oheneyire has confessed it, I believe she will ensure to recommend this guy for bigger projects. 

Like the story of the widow's mite in the Bible, the widow offered her last penny as offering to the Lord. 

And her offering according to the Bible pleased the Lord more than the fat offering the rich people brought and this touched the Lord's Heart to visit this poor widow and bless her. 

Moral lessons; learn to show appreciation to people who help you in diverse ways, even if he or she is richer, don't be tempted to think that they don't need your money or gift. 

Your appreciation shall go a long way to serve as a memorial in their hearts and they shall continue to remember you and do more greater things for you. 

Remember, you should not worry about getting them a big 'gift', just something simple that may mean a lot to them. 

Like the Makeup Artist, he knew Gifty Anti wouldn't need his money for anything but he gave the little token to her daughter who means the world to her. 

Content created and supplied by: AJArthurOpare (via Opera News )

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