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Husband and wife relationship

Who is your priority, your mother or your wife?

I love my wife and i love my mother, but, please tell my mother, to leave me alone. A mummy's boy is a weakling, you must be weary of a mummy's boy.

The Bible says a man shall leave the family and shall become one flesh with the wife. But there have been situations that men do choose their mother's over their wives. If you will choose your mother over your wife then you lack maturity. When you decide to marry, you have chosen to become both a father and a mother to your wife, so when why then do you choose your mother over your wife. Ask yourself if your mother will choose you over her husband who is your father.

I have come to realise that only opportunistic men remain loyal to their mothers because they have their eyes on some properties that their mother may have.

Marriage is for the matured and not the old, you can be mature but not old.

When your mother needs money and your wife also needs money, which of them will you prioritise. When you are in need do you trust your mother to be of help to you than your wife?

Not all women make good wives, but a good wife who will find as the Bible suggests.

Have in mind that your wife can easily kill you, hence the need to love and respect her the more. Your wife can make your life a living hell, so why relegate her.

You need a child badly, can your mother give you a child? Why marry someone's daughter and then you treat her as your enemy, are you normal.

Some husbands think they can beat their wives as and when they wish. When your daughter gets married one day and you hear her husband has beaten her, what will be your reaction.

If you are not ready to love your wife, please stay off the women so that mature men alone will marry.

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