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Divorce Affair

I Want The Best Way To Punish My Husband For His Continuous Cheating - Lady Laments To Kafui Danku

Cheating is the most painful thing in a relationship or marriage. People who cannot withstand this act mostly end up hurting themselves or their partners. The pains and agony of cheating can cause broken homes and even result in untimely death. A woman who does not want her identity to be known to the public has narrated her cheating husband's story to the Ghanaian actress and movie director, Kafui Danku.

In a private message sent to Kafui, the woman stated clearly that she loves the husband but the way the husband has been cheating on her is too much. According to her, the husband cheats like no other and with different women. They are blessed with four children and the husband provides anything that their family need but her problem is the continuous cheating behaviour.

She is therefore seeking help from Kafui Danko and her fans on how she can punish her husband. The woman told Kafui that she doesn't want to divorce her husband because she loves him. She doesn't want to cheat on her husband as a punishment but she is looking for a better way to punish him. The woman told Kafui that she wants the husband to feel the pains that she is going through.

What punishment can this woman gives to her husband so that he will feel the pains that she is going through? Remember divorce or cheating on him is out of this issue.

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