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Divorce Affair

Why too much divorce in this era - Marriage

Marriage is honourable and the bed undefiled as many of us know. Everyone of us wants or desires a successful and a peaceful marriage, but has it ever occurred to you why too much divorce in this era? If you're going to read this piece to the end, you will get to know why.

What I am about to reveal to you is a revelation I had one early morning when I woke from bed and was getting some few things done in the house. The thought just came to me, "why lots of divorce in this era?" I wanted to know why so all of a sudden I was taken to the what has been written in the good books about how people got married in the olden days. The account the bible gives about how Isaac got married to Rebecca came into mind all of a sudden. So I started thinking about it. As I was pounding on it, I received an answer.

At the moment, I want you to compare how people got married in those times with ours now and come with an answer. I believe what I received is not just an answer but a revelation.

If you want to know more then send your comments and continue to look forward for the ultimate.

Thanks a lot for time. Stay tuned and follow my posts here for more.

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Isaac Rebecca


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