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Beautiful Curvious Ladies ranked in 3 African Countries

There is a myth that says men are attracted to slim women and that they would prefer them to curvy shape women. Fortunately, this has been proven wrong over time because a larger percentage of men can hardly keep a straight face when they see an hourglass-shaped black woman pass by.


Somalia is recognized as one of the most dangerous countries to live in yet men find their way here for one major reason, the women. Somalian women are very beautiful and most are highly endowed and curvy. The women walk down the streets and men literally stop conversations because of their amazing hourglass shaped bodies. The women in this part of the continent typically describe to the world who a true African woman is, no wonder they were ranked the country with the most beautiful women in Africa.


It is no longer news that tourists wouldn’t just be visiting Uganda for the wildlife and nature parks, the curvy Ugandan women have been added to the list of reasons to visit the country. According to the country’s Minister for Tourism who announced the Miss Curvy pageant, they were grateful to God for the way they were created. To be factual, Ugandan women are bold, big, and very beautiful and this led to the introduction of the new pageant which is dedicated to celebrating curvy women in the country.


Zambian women are among the most endowed in Africa. They are not just beautiful, they are curvy and endowed in the right places. They are really a sight to behold and that’s why they are often referred to as the epitome of African beauty.

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