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Why Nice Guys Don't Always Get The Girl

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First off, don't think that being nice is a bad thing. Actually being nice is the most nicest thing that you can ever imagine. But for this article or topic, we'll just be explaining why nice guys don't mostly do well in relationships.

God created man, then created woman to be man's companion, friend, support and a whole lot of things. People get into relationships day in day out. Some people can be totally different in many ways, but still end up in a relationship.

One thing about being a nice person ( a nice guy ), is that you always try to be perfect. Nice guys always think twice before doing anything, which in fact is a really profitable and good thing.

But have you ever noticed that, nice guys don't always succeed in relationships. Mostly girls don't like too nice people, girls wouldn't want a guy that doesn't take risks. Am not trying to say that girls like bad boys "no", what am saying is that a girl wouldn't want a man who's too perfect.

Being in a relationship with a nice guy, sometimes is really frustrating for girls. Why because every time, the behavior will always be of good intention. Also nice guys have some disadvantages that girls don't like. For instance, a nice guy will be cautious when having intercourse with a lady.

Now if you're are girl, you totally wouldn't want that. As you'll always want your man to be the boss in bed, and in so many other things.

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