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Is She The One: How Do You Know If She Is Your Soulmate

The concept of a soul mate can sound like a fantasy, or even an outdated concept. However, when you look around you will notice that there are couples who confirm the existence of soul mates. This happiness is therefore also accessible to you! How do you know if you are in the presence of your soul mate? I invite you to discover 6 signs that prove that you have fallen on great love.

1. You do things you never would have dared to do before

Your soul mate makes you feel comfortable in any situation, even the most anxiety-provoking situations. Resign from your job to settle together on the other side of the world? No problem. Sing in playback in front of an audience despite their shyness? Bargain ! Go bungee jumping? We're also getting started. Not only does your soul mate make you feel at ease , but it allows you to break down all the barriers and reluctance that may arise.

2. You feel like you've always known your partner

You just got to know each other, but when you're together it feels like you've known each other for years . That's the magic of being with your soul mate! However, this is not an unstoppable sign. The feeling of having always known someone can sometimes be an illusion. It may be that a detail in the other (smile, walk, shirt, accent) unconsciously reminds you of a person you know. Your unconscious then makes an amalgamation between the two. However, if this feeling continues, you are indeed living a very beautiful love story.

3. You easily overcome your relationship differences

Yes, even soul mates can have disagreements. However, what is beautiful in a relationship with a soul mate is this ability to easily overcome your dissensions. Knowing how to overcome disagreements is a very rare quality . It is also impossible with certain people with a difficult and too different character. But with your soul mate, you manage to do it more easily, because you are complementary.

4. Two complementary people for a perfect love

Nobody is perfect. Everyone has their strengths and limitations. Your soul mate must be able to fill in your gaps . You have to function like yin and yang. For example, if one is shy, the other may be outgoing. One person can be a homebody and the other very social. If you are thrifty, your other half can be a spendthrift. When you experience true love, your differences in character are a strength in your relationship. You not only share the same values, but you also learn from each other . It is very nice to be with someone who makes up for our shortcomings and for whom you play the same role.

5. Your sense of humor is compatible

A sense of humor is an excellent indicator of compatibility between two individuals. In love life, especially at the time of seduction, humor occupies a primordial place. Humor reflects your personality and is a measure of your personality. If you catch yourself laughing at all kinds of jokes on a date, then that's a good sign. The benefits of laughter have been scientifically proven. If you like being around him, then you have that same sense of humor. Conversely, if neither of you has a sense of humor, it can also be a sign of real bonding. I want to clarify that a sense of humor is a criterion that can be very subjective. Laughing at someone's jokes doesn't necessarily mean they're your soul mate. You always have to take into account the chemistry and the feeling that overwhelms you when you are together . Laughing at a friend's jokes doesn't feel like laughing at a loved one's jokes.

6. Money is not a taboo in your relationship

Matters related to money can be a source of tension in a relationship. Even between spouses, it is not easy to approach your financial difficulties. Over time, mutual trust makes it easier to tackle these topics. However, when you are in the presence of your soul mate, you can approach all money-related topics without any embarrassment.

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