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Meet the most unusual couple that proves that love is blind

Love is a strong feeling or affection for someone or something. In this modern world, many people love their phones more than their parents or partners.

Someone will buy iPhone 12 pro max or 13 and it will get missing just like that, the person might run mad or cry all day long. That is also love.

Love is very sensational, when you fall in love for the first time, you will feel your heart beating in an amazing way you will feel yourself when you see the person or think about the person.

But in this days, men don't like women because of love but for sex. That is not love, we don't just fall in love like that. Though love at first sight is real it is likeness but not love.

You mostly fall deeply and madly in love with someone when both of you have fought several times and this turns into love, that is true love.

There are some couples in the world that is very unusual. You will see a short man married to a tall woman, am like how will business go on if you know the type if business I mean.

You will also see a crippled man and a fit woman married and am also like how will business go on because to me, love without sex is a joke, I mean married people who love each other but don't have sex.

Let'sget started with the main reason why we came here.

A muscle builded tall man is married to a short lady and this is very unusual. See the picture of the most unusual couple:

Though business can go on the woman is too short and small for the man. This is called love which has nothing to do with age or appearance, but it is just unusual. This really proves that love is blind.

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