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I dumb her; now I want her back - A man in hot waters after his friend has taken over his ex

An interesting hit-and-run relationship has landed a man between the devil and the deep blue sea.

That man is now in hot waters after his closest friend has taken over his girlfriend three months after a breakup.

Junior who claimed he is now a change man narrates the incident on social media.

I always have in mind when to get married when I grew a little younger.

My description of a woman as a wife is, one who is intelligent, smart, and attractive.

Just like the fingers are not equal as God made them. I found myself discharging many of them often because of differential in lacking at least one of my descriptions.

The latest one I left which shocked my friends is a woman who is well endowed but failed my smart description.

The 25 years old lady has since moved on to another man, 3 months after I ignored hundreds of her calls demanding an explanation why I dumb her.

Her last test message is:

I can never get a perfect woman in my life if I don't amend my ways of thinking to face reality.

I taught it was a joke but now it is very glaring the one I got as her replacement is even worse than her three times.

This one does not even know how to cook aside from lacking intelligence.

Given this, I want her back but she is jerking me against all odds because I was taught she would have still died for me.

What is more painful is, my closest my is lovely dating her.

But I badly need her back what should I do. I am now a changed man.

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