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5 Simple Gestures for Saying “I Love You” Without Uttering a Word

Regardless if you’re in a freshly-baked relationship, excitedly planning on tying the knot, or have been married for over a decade or so, keeping the flame of love at its righteous place is very much important to keep the intimacy lasts a lifetime.

1. Kiss her on the forehead anytime

Today, kisses on the forehead get underrated and disregarded – and yes, that fact is absolutely upsetting.

Well, if that’s what you think, sorry to say this, but your girl definitely loves random kisses on the forehead.

2. Cook special a dish even on an ordinary day

Put on your apron and start searching on how to cook her most favorite dish before heating on the stove.

Because the first tip you might want to try is preparing and cooking a special dish for your lovely lady even on an ordinary day.

3. Take her on an unexpected dinner date

Prove society wrong and show them that chivalry isn’t dead. Go pull yourself together and organize a surprise special date for your lovely lady.

You can choose the most sentimental restaurant for both of you and rent the whole place to hype up the moment.

4. Send her a hand-written love letter or a poem

Bringing back the traditional could be the most romantic thing you could do for love. And that includes writing a hand-written love letter or a poem for your awesome lady .Some men can make simple writing into a whole book made with love.

So, why not try it? Once she had your letters or book on the palm of her hands, expect to see the universe filled with the most stars right into her eyes

5. Send her a bouquet of her favorite flowers

Sending over some flowers is one of the gestures of love that has now gradually been ignored by many. Well, don’t be one of them and surprise your girl by sending over a bouquet at her work, at her class, or even on a random day.

In that way, you’re also sending her a message about your endless love and unparalleled affection to her.

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