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You May Not Realize It: You Are The Toxic Partner In Your Relationship When You Do The Following

Sometimes in a relationship, you may not realize it, but it turns out that you are the toxic partner, and you are the one who brings in all the negativity. In this particular write-up, we shall discuss about eight things you might do to your partner, without realizing that they are the toxic in the relationship.

You are a control freak. There is a difference between being confident and assertive and being bossy and bossy. When you are in control you act like you are the best person in your relationship and try to control or control your partner. With control, you can turn a dynamic relationship into a game of strength and openness to test your desire rather than making it an open platform to freely share love and affection. If you’re a control freak, you don’t view relationships as a platform for giving and receiving love freely and openly but as a way to overcome your ego and enhance your sense of self.

You always want things to be your way. Are you a big fan of “My Way or the Highway”? Then baby, let me break it down for you, this strategy just doesn’t work if you’re looking to build happy, fulfilling, long-term relationships.

We all have our desires and preferences and we like to get our way but if you are so determined to do everything the way that you use control and control techniques to get your partner to do as you please, you are engaging in highly toxic behavior. This will increase your partner’s intense resentment and bitterness over some time. A healthy relationship is not about the individual but rather about working together and meeting each other halfway.

You want your partner to fit into the image you want. You can advise your partner about his life choices but you can’t force him to follow your ways. If you’re trying to shape your partner’s thoughts, emotions, identity, and behavior into an image you like, you’re just too toxic and manipulative. You are just looking for security and compliance to feel better; It has nothing to do with love or intimacy.

You only care about your needs. If you are too self-obsessed and can’t think beyond your needs, you will become a very toxic partner. You will only be interested in your own needs, your happiness, your problems, and your whole world revolves only around yourself. You have no time or energy left to fulfill your partner’s needs and desires. Love is not only about thinking about your growth and well-being but also about thinking about your partner’s growth and well-being. It can be difficult to accept this fact but acceptance is the first step towards improvement.

You are emotionally blocking. When your partner needs a kind word or some support, do you intentionally withhold it from them? If you’re doing this to create a dynamic force in your equation or you’re too far away from your feelings to be able to acknowledge and express them in time, you need to work on healing the underlying wound that was cut. You are out of your feelings. This trait can be very toxic and force your partner to withdraw from you and eventually end the relationship.

You underestimate their feelings and emotions. Underestimating your partner’s feelings and emotions is a highly toxic form of gaslighting and manipulation. Your partner has a right to their feelings, no matter how severe or insignificant they are to you.

If it is uncomfortable for you to deal with those strong feelings, you can relieve yourself of that space and give them time to process their feelings but do not try to minimize or nullify their feelings and emotions.

You use manipulative techniques to get your way. If you use manipulative tactics such as inducing feelings of guilt in your partner, making them think their emotions and thoughts are incorrect or using any form of verbal or emotional abuse during fights or arguments, then you are very toxic in your relationships. If you dump or physically abuse your partner during a fight, this is not acceptable behavior under all circumstances.

You don’t know how and when to admit a mistake. courage or humility to admit a mistake and fix it, you are too toxic in your relationship. If you become blind to all your faults and act arrogantly all the time, you will turn your relationship into a power struggle instead of a romantic one.

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