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My boyfriend poured acid on my face over iPhone 11- Lady explains

video of a woman describes how her lover sprayed acid on her.

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Martha, a woman from Atonsu in Greater Kumasi, described how her boyfriend, Prince, spilled acid on her.

Martha's boyfriend, Prince, allegedly splashed acid on her over iPhone 11.

On Oyerepa Afutuo on Thursday, the victim went into depth about what caused the event.

Martha claims that she met Prince when in Senior High School (KSTS) and that they began dating in Atonsu. She told her boyfriend one day that she was going to school and that the relationship was having a detrimental effect on her schoolwork.

Someone attacked her at night at their residence after she told Prince about the break, pouring acid on her and nearly killing her.

Hopefully, Prince left his phone at the hospital where Martha was confined, and Martha's sister took it to the MTN office for an investigation. And it was there that they discovered Prince was the perpetrator.

Click on this link to watch the video.

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