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Five most effective ways to make you live a happier life

Whilst anger shortens life, happiness prolong life, so therefore happiness becomes one of the most greatest thing in human life. As stated " anger shortens life" may not appear clear, so to enlighten this, anger increase the heartbeat rapidly out of it normal beat per minute leading to abnormal breath as well and once it continues consistently then the heartbeats will gradually stop hence death take place. This calls for the reason why you need to be happy in life. Here are the ways listed below;

1 Don't quarrels over; At some instances quarreling becomes the only solution to some problems but mind you don't go deep into it because that will end up generating anger that will keep hurting you whenever you recall. The best thing is not to quarrel at all but on no account should you live without quarrel, it will happen but know how to handle it.

2 Mind your business; Never pick anyone's affairs as your concerns.Just concentrate on what you wish to do in life and stop involving yourself in matters that doesn't concern you until you are summoned into the matter if not just mind your business and you shall live a blissful life.

3 Never live your life to please others; The truth must be revealed , you can never live your life to please everyone because if you try doing so, you will end up hurting yourself for sure.So the best is live your life to make your self happy and to please God not to please everyone.

4 Stop socializing with people who enjoy hurting you; If you to live or interact with someone who always get you hurts, then is good to stop your socialization with that particular person and maintain your peace of mind.

5 Undertake your responsibilities; As to whom ever you are, never allow people to always prompt you into action, for they will end up mocking, insulting and telling rumors about you to the general public which when heard by you will keep hurting you for sure, but the opposite is perfect.

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