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I Remember When My Mother Used To Chase Me Up Because Of ''Bentua''

The love of a mother, particularly Ghanaian mothers, cannot be compared to anything else on this planet. My mother used to be my personal doctor when I was a kid. Thanks to my wonderful mother, I don't recall going to the hospital. Ghanaian mothers would go to any length to ensure that their children have the best life possible.

I was a really stubborn child when I was younger. I'd start a brawl outside and thrash the individual mercilessly. His parents later came to my home, but my mother acted as my lawyer and defended me in front of them, but when they left, I was in trouble.

She would grind pepper and ginger in secret and place it at my buttocks in the middle of the night to warn me that I was about to turn into a new leaf. My mother used to get up early in the morning to cook food for me while I slept soundly.

She would give me a piece of land on the farm so that I could start my own farm. She showed me how to grow tomato and pepper seeds from seed and then transplant them on my own farm. She would sell some of them on the market when they were fully grown and use the proceeds to purchase a Christmas dress for me.

My mother was a good herbalist. Every three months, she would chase me up and cleanse my bowels with this local item called bentua. All these attributes can only be found among Ghanaian mothers. They are unique, and we love them with all our heart.

Happy mother's day to all women across the world most especially Ghanaian mothers.

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