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Searching for a girl? Check these tips.

Ask a girl out - it's time to make the jump from wondering how to get a girlfriend to having one. Reading the signs she also wants to be exclusive can feel stressful, and it might just be time for your relationship to take the next step. Here are some practical steps on how to succeed.

1. Be honest about want you want

The idea of being a girlfriend might mean something different to you than to her. Ask yourself, what exactly do you want out of your relationship? What do you hope for? What are you prepared to change? Things change when you go from a casual relationship to a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, and making change takes good old-fashioned commitment.

2. Lay your cards on the table

It's time to get real with your partner and be honest, even if it means feeling exposed. Your relationship has a higher chance of progress if you're willing to put more on the line, mainly your heart. It should be more than, 'Hey, wanna be my girlfriend?', it should be, 'Let her know what she means to you.

3. Make it memorable and meaningful

You're not proposing, but it's still a good idea to ask your girlfriend what makes her special to you. Asking her in a setting that's memorable to your relationship is a nice way to celebrate how far you've come. Plan an evening preparing a special meal and ask her while you're rustling up a storm. Or maybe you love hiking and want to take her to your favorite spot to ask her there.

4. Act like a boyfriend

Part of being in a relationship is compromised. Maybe her friend's wedding is coming up and she asked you to go. Or maybe you're messy and it drives her a little nuts. Tell her that you're happy to be her plus one at the wedding or maybe clean the kitchen next time you make a sandwich.

5. Include her in your life

Asking her to be your girlfriend means you're in it for the long haul. Start introducing her to the people and places that you've loved forever, and share the experiences that make you with her. Introduce her to your friends and bring her to that bonfire they plan every year. By showing her the most intimate and important parts of your life, she'll start to understand that you want her to become one of them.

Bottom line

Be bold and put yourself out there, the risk is worth the reward! Asking someone to be your girlfriend means taking steps to change a relationship from casual to something more. If you're willing to show her that you're ready, you may discover that she is too.

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