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How to deal with a secretive friend

A discreet person does not reveal his secrets, and a satisfactory answer cannot be taken from him when asked, as he does not mention the details, and he can change the topic of the conversation quickly if he does not want to talk about the subject, in addition to that, no one can know what he thinks, as he is in control.

With his facial expressions and body language well, it seems that he is usually immersed in thought, which increases his ambiguity for others, and despite the importance of communication in building strong relationships, the discreet person seems closed on himself, unable, or unwilling to have an effective conversation

Tips for dealing with a secretive friend

The following tips can be followed when dealing with a secretive friend: 

1. Not to interrupt her speech, as she thought a lot about what she was saying before she uttered it, and if there were a few moments of silence, you should wait for her to complete her speech respectfully, as she is trying to gather her thoughts. 

2. Give her her own space, respect her character, she is less talkative, and likes to spend time alone, so there is no need to feel disturbed by her, in case she does not respond to messages, or does not make a lot of phone calls. 

3. Not to prepare a surprise for her, as she does not like surprises, and if you want to prepare something specific for her, it is better to inform her of this earlier. 

4. Not insisting on her to speak and leaving her at her comfort, as insisting on her causes real inconvenience to her. 

5. Open conversations on a deep level, and talk about special feelings. Do not try to connect her with a lot of people, as she does not feel comfortable when there are many people she does not know well around. 

6. Not making fun of her nature, or forcing her to change, as this leads to the termination of the friendship relationship at any time. 

7. Tell that friend why you want to be friends with her, and the things that make her a great friend. 

8. Leaving her to mix with people on social occasions, and not getting attached to her for fear of her inability to deal socially with people, it is true that she doesn't always open up, but she can deal with others, and have social conversations with them.

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