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Date Rush: If it doesn't work for us it's cool - Is it an end of the road for Desmond?

Jennifer and Desmond's date was one of the beautiful moments Ghanaians saw on the show. Desmond tried so many times without getting a date until Jennifer removed that yoke from his neck. Followers of the show became very happy for him due to his zeal in quest of getting a date since episode 1 and the number of heartbreaks he has suffered.

One interesting thing is that, getting a date on the show is different from how things will go after the show. When you secure a date, making it work perfectly depends on both parties. During the hangout with Jennifer and Desmond, what they revealed indicates that things are not really working.

Though Desmond revealed that, they are still friends and if things don't work for them it's cool. Jennifer on the other hand also revealed that if things don't work, maybe it is meant to be so she will take it cool. Both have expressed their love for each other but what they have said indicates that it has not been rossy so far. Does it mean the love journey of Desmond with his date is about to end soon? We hope for the best for Desmond and Jennifer to take their love life to the next level.

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