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Does She Like You Back: How To Know If She Likes You. Four Universal Signs She Will Show

How do I know if a girl I want to seduce likes me? This is one of the most frequent questions that those who want to conquer a girl ask themselves, without knowing if she is attracted or not. In this article I will teach you a foolproof strategy to understand, without a shadow of a doubt, if she likes you. 

Knowing in advance whether or not the woman in front of you will be available to your courtship is a skill that makes everything much easier for you. How easy would it be to win a girl if you knew in advance that she is attracted to you? In this regard, I suggest you also read the article on how to please girls .

In reality there are two ways: a difficult one (which is what everyone teaches and which I advise against) and a simple one that you will not find elsewhere. Read on to find out everything you need to know whether or not the girl you want to conquer likes you.

1. How she looks at you

Her gaze is the most important part of her body language that you need to keep an eye on to see if she likes you. When you talk to her, does she look at you with interest or look away with an annoyed air? Here is how there can always be many shades, there is the girl who winks at you with her eyes and makes you explicitly understand her interest, there is the one who looks at you as if to "study you", the one who struggles to keep her gaze because maybe she is shy or insecure.

You can't catch any nuance, so pay attention to "big lines". What does it mean? Simple, keep the traffic light strategy in mind. If he is openly expressing his interest with his gaze, it is a green light, so proceed quickly to the bedroom. If she doesn't deserve a look, but she turns away when you talk to her it's a red light, so there's very little you can do. In all other ways it's a yellow light, so you continue your seduction process as normal.

2. Do she asks you questions?

When a girl asks you a lot of questions and generally shows interest in you, there are two possibilities; she is really interested in you and would like to know you better or she is interested in having something you can give her (for example, let her drive the car). If a girl asks you a lot of questions, she's definitely interested . Especially personal questions like "are you engaged?" or "what are you doing tonight?"

This is a green light and you need to accelerate big. The problem is that we boys often tend not to believe it is possible for a girl to give us such explicit signals of interest because we are used to being predators, not prey. So we end up losing the moment and throwing away a lot of good opportunities for fear that there is "some rip off".

On the other hand, we can have a completely disinterested girl, who not only doesn't ask you questions of any kind, but even annoys you to answer yours. This is a red light, so you can't help but say hello and leave. You can't turn a red light into a green light.In all other situations where a girl asks you regular questions to get to know you better and interacts with you in conversation, it's a yellow light. She is certainly interested, but she needs her time.

3. Does she smile at you?

A smile is a universally recognized sign of approval. But here there is a distinction to be made based on the context. If it's an unknown girl who smiles at you, well you absolutely have to go to her, introduce yourself and meet her. It is a clear sign of interest.

When a girl smiles at you during the date it is always a good sign, but it can also be a simple "good manners". If, on the other hand, he smiles at everything you say, this is obviously a green light. On the contrary, if she's all frowning and doesn't even smile at you to pay for it, well we have a red as big as a house and there's not much to do.

4. Physical contact

It is the most important signal of all. We would have to write a whole book on physical contact in seduction, but I still want to give you some practical hints to apply immediately to understand if a girl is attracted or not. Finding out if a girl likes you through physical contact is the simplest and most immediate test that exists.

Does she ever touch you? (seemingly random touches also apply). If he finds excuses to brush against you often, then you're on the right track. What if you touch her how she thinks? Does he go away as if I were a leper or is he there? For example, if you put your arm around her waist to hug her, what does she do? Does she send you away in a bad way? (red light) or in any case stay there and accept the contact?

If she stays there and she's comfortable you can try the next step, maybe you can try kissing her. If you turn away you go back to the previous step, if you return the kiss it's done. In short, at this stage you have to dare a little, you have to take risks, you can do tests to see how she reacts and behave accordingly, but certainly if you use physical contact properly to understand if she likes you, you cannot be wrong.

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