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"Learn How To Remove Your Pants If You Don't Want To Let Him Go" -Prophet Adjagurajah Advices Ladies

Prophet Adjagurajah, leader and founder of the Adjagurah movement gives a surprising advice to the ladies of today.

In an exclusive interview with him, he gives ladies a bit of advice on things they have to do for their men if they want to keep them without loosing them to someone else.

Because of the current rate at which men get deceived and sometimes the women get decieved and 'dumped' is becoming too much, most ladies have made up their minds not to have any form of sexual intimacy with their beloveds to whom they are not yet married.

This is also known to be something the Holy book frowns on. It is against the idea of people having affairs in mere relationships until they are fully declared married couple.

Because of this, most young ladies go against their partners wish for such things and insist everything takes place e after marriage, which is known to be the best.

The supposed Prophet however, goes against this and advices ladies to always make it a point to satisfy their men in bed if they truly want to keep them from from cheating and also want them to provide them with all they may need or ask for.

This is something that we know most ladies will not be happy about, but our men on the other hand may be so much pleased with it as it seeks to favour them most.

Meanwhile, there are certain relationships that we know may thrive without this and hence, we advice each and everyone looks carefully to know what will work best for them in order not to lose it all after putting in so much effort to make things work out.

The work of a woman in any relationship is to make her man feel loved and always cared for and know whatever thing makes him happy so that he always feel cared for.

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