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Has She Left You: Top Reasons A Woman Will Dump You For Another Man

My ex dumps me , how can I get him to reply to my messages? You recently suffered a breakup, and while you didn't have the best time of your life, no one died. You are still on good terms with your ex, but you miss him / her a lot. Now you are trying to get back in touch and he's showing you off. Why doesn't your ex reply to your messages? Here are some of the reasons why your ex is not responding to your text messages and what to do about it:

1. Know you want something.

Even though she dumped you, your ex is not as innocent as you may think. If things ended with begging, begging, and crying for her to come back to you, she will know that by texting him, you are trying to absorb him. Or if you used to rely on your ex for travel, money, or some form of support, when you were together, she may think that you are just trying to get something out of her. And she's probably not in the mood to help you.

2. She is mad at you.

We have all said something that we regret when we are angry. Try to think about whether she has any reason to be mad at you. Maybe he discovered something you were keeping secret . Maybe you've hurt them in some way and she finally got a chance to process it. Whatever it is, you need to apologize. If you think they are angry and you don't know why, then do some research. Think about talking to a mutual friend but be careful. If it's someone you think will inform your ex, don't do it. You don't want them to think that you are stalking them. If you can't understand why they are angry, leave them alone for a bit or ask for a general apology.

3. You are trying to move on.

If she's not responding to your text messages, she may be trying to move on. Does this mean that your hopes of getting her back are doomed? No way! In fact, this is a good sign . The key word here is "try." If you have to cut off all contact to try and move on with your life, that means they are definitely still hooked on you. If I was already over you then I wouldn't have to avoid you so hard

4. You send too many text messages.

Look at the length of their messages and then look at the length of yours. Are you submitting essays and getting one word responses? Is your chat more like an interrogation than a conversation? How often do you text her? Every day? Maybe she wouldn't mind texting you, but they just don't want me to take half of their life from them. You are no longer in a relationship (at least for now), so the amount of time you spend together will naturally be much less . Texting is a reflection of that.

5. Take a few days off to text her.

When you resume texting, lower the frequency down. I'm talking once a week, if that. Have a short conversation and then leave. Don't text too late at night or early in the morning. I would point to 10 am to 8 pm as your texting window. It is also important to see why you are texting. If your goal is to get it back , every text you send should be a step towards that goal. I'm not talking about begging and pleading. You need to use texts to make her miss you, to make him jealous, and to associate you with fun and happiness.

5. She has found someone new.

I know you don't want to hear this, but there is a chance that he will stop texting you because he has gotten over you, by being with someone else. It sucks, but you knew this was a possibility when they finished. The good thing here is that if it hasn't been that long then it's probably a rebound relationship, which means he's trying hard to get over you, so you should still be on his mind. It is difficult to return, but not impossible.

6. They are afraid of hurting themselves again

What if your breakup wasn't so one-sided? Maybe you had an on and off situation again for a while and it was difficult for both of you. Or maybe there was cheating and you broke her heart. Or you didn't take the breakup well: you yelled, you broke things, and you said some things that hurt their feelings. This is important. There is no text you can send that compensates for hurting her. Now is the time to apologize and break contact.

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