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2 Reasons Why Some Guys Date Women and Marry Other Women

Majority of women do complain of being cheated by some men after wasting all their time, money and their youthful stage with them.

Infact as a woman and a relationship therapist, I know and believe it's not gonna be easy so I don't support guys doing that.

But the truth is no real man will date a woman with the main aim of snobbing her to marry another woman. It's all happens for for specific reasons.

1. Tribal differences

As Ghanaians many families have a set record of not accepting inter- tribal marriage.

So after dating you for years and want to take you to the altar, that is where the elders of the family will now ask questions bout your background including your tribe.

And when your guy tells them and it's against their family norms to they will tell him straight forward it can be possible.

So when they heat becomes much he has no option than to obey their instructions and let the relationship go.

Therefore when you are dating a guy, you must enquire about all these before commiting yourself into it if you have the plan of being his wife.

2. Educational differences

Some guys after they go higher in education, they become more enlightened and now want to marry women of their caliber in terms of educational standard.

Sometimes they will forgo sentiment and go after their new found love of their standards if the woman they are dating is below that standard.

So my dear ladies, check out these things if your guy gets to that standard and keeps postponing your marriage plans.

God bless you for your time in reading.

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