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Divorce Affair

Married Woman Screams For Help As She Gets Stuck During An Affair With Her Side Guy

Marriage was intended to be a long-lasting partnership but the intention of the union has been diluted for all the wrong reasons.

Why marry someone you can't spend the rest of your life with? That's why bachelors and spinsters are cautioned to be very careful and certain in choosing a spouse nowadays, because of the rampant cases of divorces and lack of commitment in the 21st Century.

Another unfortunate incident of a cheating wife has been spotted online and it only confirms that people are gradually losing respect for the sanctity of marriage.

The wife according to the video has been having an affair with her ex-boyfriend two years after her five years of marriage. The husband who suspected a change in the character of his wife went to a shrine to perform a ritual that will cause any man who touches his wife apart from him will get stuck without the knowledge of his wife.

It was divulged that the wife calls the side guy anytime her husband travels for business, however, they weren't as fortunate this time around, and their cup was full, they stuck in the act and finally caught red-handed.

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