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How To Know If She Likes You Or She Is Just Being Nice To You

Successes in the male-female field, as well as in the sexual field of each human being, are closely related to the ability to send flirtatious signals and recognize those that are directed to them. Women can recognize flirty gestures very well, while men are a little worse at reading them. The positive news is that you can learn it, all you need to do is know what to look for.

Women need more space because they have a wider repertoire of flirty gestures at their disposal. It is popular for women to blush the cheeks, dilated pupils, or tossing the head back to reveal the face of the hair. This gesture is also used by women with short hair. Uncovering the wrists, spreading or crossing the legs, swinging the hips, or peeking from the side are also signals very often used by ladies. On the other hand, the less subtle ones include slightly open, moist lips or stroking cylindrical objects.

Many signals are similar, such as directing the body, legs, feet towards the man, which the woman likes.

1. The woman also begins to adjust her figure and clothes, and fidgeting if she is sitting in the chair.

2. Begins to play with a chain, earring, watch, ring, etc.

3. Interested woman smiles a lot while showing teeth. If a man catches her eye, she will laugh more, especially at his jokes.

3. Women who smoke often light a cigarette to expose their wrists and to be able to form their mouths in a "spout" when blowing smoke. It is a reference to oral activity.

4. There may also be stroking the stem of a glass or glass or taking off and putting on a ring. These are the so-called sliding movements and I do not have to say what such a person means :)

5. If women want to be touched by a man who is nearby, they start to stroke the body themselves, eg on the hands, thighs or neck.

6. While sitting, you can observe the shoe playing, swinging on your toes to draw attention to your legs. Then we look in which direction this leg is swinging.

If she being nice she will show the following signs. It is important that you don't confuse politeness with interest.

1. Artificial smile or smile without showing teeth. The so called polite smile.

2. Body facing the other way, legs, knees and feet as if towards the exit or someone else.

3. Closed posture, crossed arms and legs, covering oneself, for example, with a handbag.

4. Taking a step back, stepping back when someone comes close to us.

5. Leaning back while talking.

6. Drumming with fingers, which indicates uncomfortable state and impatience

7. Not focusing your eyes on the interlocutor, wandering at other people or objects around, rolling your eyes, looking at the phone or watch, yawning.

8. Blending in with the crowd and avoiding eye contact.

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