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Wedding planning scene

Groom Abandons Bride On Wedding Day

The skeletons in people's cupboards are a lot and by the by, we will get to know them and share the rich experiences. There has been yet another damning confession from a young lady who claims her 'pen is broken' and she is asking how she could fix it.

This lady took to social media to share her story with mx24gh. After reading the story, one would certainly be worried about what some ladies really want for their lives. We can't simply understand!

She claimed she found a handsome, well-to-do, God-fearing and discipline man to walk down the aisle with when her 'mature' self figured out she wouldn't fit in a toxic and incompatible relationship with her ex.

But one thing was amiss. Her soon-to-be husband was so disciplined and religious that he made no sexual advances towards her. It was sex-starving her. Somehow, she got back to her ex for a one night stand to quench her emotional quarantine doldrums. From the horse's own mouth, she said she did not feel guilty after the act with the ex initially. It was two months into her wedding that she began to feel guilty. She gathered the effrontery to tell her husband who did not react as was expected but rather helped her from the floor and told her he loved her.

Our sister recounts she did not feel comfortable but somehow managed the feeling on the wedding day. She had received a text from his soon-to-be husband that he loved her. Isn't this chilling? But the worse happened! She walked down the aisle to the altar and met the absence of the groom. She turned to the seats reserved for the groom's family and that end was as empty as the tomb of Christ. What a way to retaliate!

She was left to herself and her people. Today, some years after this incident, she is 36 and unmarried. Isn't the God of her would-be-husband great?

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