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Money And Love: What To Do If Financial Problems Affect Your Relationship

The economy and love seem like two things belonging to different worlds. The first is pragmatic, the second ideal. However, within a relationship, these two elements are very close. To what extent do they interfere with each other? Is the economy capable of varying the intensity of love? There are two aspects of the couple that are the axes of power within the relationship.

In many relationships, traditionally, a confrontation between these two powers has been played. The woman was the owner of the sex and its management, the man contributed the money and administered it. Today things have changed. The balance love and money is much more equitable.

A lot of money, a lot of love

This equation is easy. If there are no financial problems and there is love, every relationship, in principle, should work perfectly. Nothing would distract the members of the couple from enjoying outings, indulging with gifts, sharing tastes without concern. The setting and the routine that shelter that love are pleasant. The healthy economy, either in common or of each of the members of the relationship, is a natural lubricant for the proper functioning of the couple.

Much money, little love

There are times when a healthy home economy is not helpful to your relationship. It is true that money helps to be happy but it does not replace, in any way, love. Love can not be bought. You can pay to have sex. You can pay to have a company. You cannot pay for love since it is not a voluntary feeling. Love is involuntary, unexpected and, many times, inopportune. We fall in love with the least thoughtful people in the strangest situations. There is little that money can stand up to true love.

Little money, little love?

The economic crisis that began in the United States in 2007 caused many couples, married or not, to face a new challenge in their relationships. Financial difficulties and money management can cause many serious conflicts. Talking about money within the framework of the couple is very uncomfortable. But it is much healthier to talk about it and put the cards on the table. In this way there is a clear line that separates the practical from the affective aspect. Leaving this topic without talking, especially in times of economic crisis, is the most effective way to cause an argument over money within the couple.

The current economic downturn is causing nearly 43% of American couples to frequently argue over money. The most important problem is not in the obvious: the difficulty in acquiring and paying for material goods and livelihoods. The problem, within couples, begins to lie in the imbalance of economic power in the couple. If one of the two loses his job, he may feel that the other, who contributes the money, has the power to decide on all matters related to household finances. That is when friction and resentment appear. A lot of couples hide their purchases from their partner to avoid confrontations, they begin to lie about little things that undermine the trust and desirable openness in a relationship. The pressure of lack of money leads to communication problems, negative tension in the family, anguish and loneliness.

Little money, a lot of love

"Money comes and goes". That has always been said, and it is true. Just as it is a fact that an economic crisis is a problem, we must bear in mind that we must deal with the issue, not worry. That is, money is one of the taboo subjects in the couple, but the only way that it does not get in the middle of a relationship is to bring it to light clearly. Talking and discussing finances openly between the two of you is absolutely necessary, and once it is done, the tension instantly disappears no matter how serious the financial problem we have. The couple come together more closely to deal with the crisis rather than letting the crisis separate them

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Money And Love


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