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Why Love Fails: Reasons Why Some People's Relationships Do Not Last

Being in love can be a wonderful experience, but it's not always easy to maintain that love and those feelings of passion over the long term. There are lots of reasons why people's relationships fail, and why feelings of love are lost over time. Here are some reasons why love fails, and what you can do to prevent this from happening in your own relationship.

- Lack of Trust

Perhaps one of the most important elements in a lasting relationship is trust. When you can’t trust someone, there is no solid foundation for a relationship to build on. If you’re always looking over your partner’s shoulder and suspecting them of flirting or sleeping around, then you don’t have faith in their feelings for you and that just won’t work.

- Not Enough Shared Interests

When you first meet someone, your main interest is that person. You want to know everything about them, and they seem perfect. After a while though, things change. You don’t have as much in common and it’s harder to spend time together (as much as you might want to). If you’re not spending time together but still interested in each other, those feelings fade.

- Bad Communication

Communication is key to any good relationship. If you are unable to communicate your thoughts and feelings with your significant other then it will become more and more difficult for your relationship to last. The easier it is for both people in a relationship to communicate their thoughts, ideas, and problems, then the better chance that relationship has of lasting.

- Losing Interest

If you don’t have an interest in one another anymore, it will quickly become apparent. There is no shame in admitting to yourself that your feelings for your partner have changed and that you are unhappy. You might think it will be better to stick around because of kids or finances, but forcing a relationship that is over only results in more pain down the road. It is much healthier to end things now than live unhappily ever after.

- Unrealistic Expectations

One of biggest reasons that love fails is because one or both partners have unrealistic expectations. They enter a relationship with certain goals and needs in mind, but their partner can't live up to those expectations. Over time, these frustrations lead to resentment and eventually break-up.

- They're Both Controlling and Selfish

In a relationship, two egos must come together. If one or both partners are controlling and selfish, love will always fail in that relationship. You can learn more about controlling and selfish behavior by clicking here.

- One Person Gets Too Serious Too Fast

Some people get very serious about a relationship before they’ve given it a fair shot. They jump in head first, thinking that they’ve found their soul mate, only to find out later that they were wrong. This person will often break up with them because of their own insecurities or because they weren’t ready for commitment. Be patient with each other and don’t pressure your partner into anything they don’t want to do.

- The Other is Too Casual

This is one of those reasons why love fails that you may not have even considered. Many people seem to think that by entering a relationship, all your troubles are supposed to be over and you should never ever fight again. That's simply unrealistic! You need to make sure you are with someone who can handle conflict without making everything super-serious. It's important for things to get heated every once in a while or else your relationship will never be able to grow beyond its superficial surface.

- Expectations Never Matched Up

There’s a saying Never meet your heroes. This saying can be applied to love as well. Never expect what you see in movies, because most of that is fake. Look for someone who has similar beliefs and goals with you, rather than seeking out your opposite if you want a long-lasting relationship. Just remember that opposites do attract sometimes! Your best bet is to find someone who shares similar interests with you but also complements them by adding something new.

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