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What Twitter Users Noticed After A Lady Said I Can Only Date Men Who Are Private Jet Owners (Photos)

A young lady on Twitter has shared the type of a man she would love to be with. According to her only private jet owners are qualified to be her man.

However, when it comes to preferences in the game of love, it seems that what women want is far more specific.

Woman needs to be sure that he fulfills her needs, so she will test him to make sure he passes, it's just that a woman needs to feel sure that he is the sort of man who will stick with her through both the good & bad times, she particularly wants to be sure that he will not be irresponsible in a relationship when it comes to having children & run away from it all. 

 Some women have high standards when it comes to dating & marrying a man. A lady has taken to her Twitter ✋ to reveal the kind of man she would like to date & marry.

 She said that she can only men that are private jet owners, but people noticed something the cloth and shoe she was wearing was a cheap one. People noticed that her leg was very dirty, and they noticed that her leg skin is different from her body skin. Her post sparked reaction on Twitter, what's your opinion.

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