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Heartbreaking; A Guy Who Proposed to His Girlfriend with Ninty-nine iPhones Get Rejected

Love is a feeling that no words can exactly explain. The extent to which people can go to express their love to their spouse or partner is sometimes baffling. You may be tempted to think love has its mind. I mean there are situations where you get entangled in a love affair that you wish to get out from, but the more you try to pull out of it, the deeper you are involved in it.

But that you love someone doesn't automatically mean they will reciprocate the love. It feels more than a dagger in the heart when someone means everything to you, and you are willing to do everything for them, but the feeling is not mutual, but one-sided. 

People can build a very strong love between them and their better halves albeit initially, nothing existed. But is a very big gamble to take since it may prove costly at the end of your expectations to build up the love in the relationship does not materialize.

A heartbreaking story of a guy whose proposal was rejected by his girlfriend even as he went the extra mile to impress her went viral on social media. In the photo, the guy has bought and arranged ninety-nine iPhones in a form of a heart. He proposed to the girlfriend in public only for her to turn down his proposal.

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