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"Reject It When A Woman Opens Her Leg For You Unless You 1st Pay Her Dowry" - Lady Advises Men.

That is a problem for the population in today's society, as a lot of people believe it is OK to have sex before they get married. If you have no intention of foregoing your maidenhood, then that also calls into question whether you lost your virginity. 

Someone who has been pictured in a state of fury on her @Mhizu's fan page has taken to Twitter to defend men's rights. Bess broke out in front of the pack and started talking to the men to encourage them to stay away from anyone who gave them the impression of a weakness on their pages. Her advice to the young men was that first the brides family must settle their dower before they try to live their life.

A large number of people disagreeable responses have been heard on account of this advice this lady's contention. It's clear from what people are saying that there are some positive reactions and some negative ones.

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