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A Lady Tells Why She Dated Another Man After She Got Pregnant For Her Ex-Boyfriend

A mother of one named Maame Afia who is currently in Saudi Arabia shares why she got into a relationship with another man after getting pregnant for her boyfriend. According to the lady she got into a relationship with Kwame Wiredu years ago, but after she got pregnant, her boyfriend told her that she has to abort the child because he was a student at that time. She too told him that she will never do such a thing but will find a way to survive and give birth to her child alone.

Four months later, Appau too proposed to her, she was not interested in dating him because she was pregnant with her ex-boyfriend but her sister convinced her that Appau is an elder at a church and he is willing to get married to her. She listens to her sister's advice and got into a relationship with Appau. The lady claims that she told her boyfriend the truth that she is pregnant with her ex but he accepted to date her.

Their neighbours used to insult Appau about why he is still in a relationship with her whilst he knows that she is pregnant for another man. Maame Afia added that Appau's sister even sacked her from his house still they continued with their relationship. A few months later, Wiredu too came back to her to confront her about why she has given the pregnancy to another man. She too explained to him that she can't abort the child but will rather let Appau be the father of her unborn child.

Maame Afia said her boyfriend took care of her till she gave birth. She then travelled to Saudi Arabia months ago, she decided to let the child stay with her mother in her absence but Appau insisted that he wants to be with the child till she will come back to Ghana. Six months after she travelled she noticed that she doesn't love Appau anymore. Also, her parents and family members are not in support of their relationship.

So she called to inform him that he should get married to another woman because she doesn't love him anymore. According to Appau what the lady is saying is never true but he got into a relationship with her before she got pregnant, he even rent a room for her and they were staying together before she left for Saudi Arabia. Appau added that the man who claims to be the father of their son should compensate him before he will give the child to him.

Wiredu too said he started dating Maame Afia after he completed Senior high school. All his family members were aware of their relationship. The man said his mother told him to break up with her because they have got information that she is in a relationship with another man but he never believed his mother. The lady got pregnant for him within a few months, he told her to abort the child because he was making preparations to further his education.

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