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Has your girlfriend been sleeping over?

Leaving the house for work, going to church, leaving for school, all our daily endeavours come with a risk. But some of the risks are minimal and can easily be avoided. You are not yet married but you are dating. Your fiancee lives elsewhere but visits you almost every other week.

When she visits, have you been considering the risks and dangers involved in that visit. Is her family even aware she is dating you. Is your family aware you are dating her.

When she decides to sleep over do you weigh the risks and the consequences involved. Do you know she can die whilst sleeping over for just a night. If she dies what will be your reactions and what will be the questions that you will be ready to answer. Can you call her parents, do you even have their contact numbers, am sure you don't because you have no intent of marrying her but for the sake of sex she is always welcomed to sleep over. To be on a safer side, do well to get married to her, for had I known is always at last.


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