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Ladies, If Your Boyfriend Shows Off These 5 Signs, Know That He Grew Up In A Poor Family - Opinion

Today is another beautiful Thursday and I'm still confused about why some guys behave so 'strange'. I'm the type of guy at beliefs in socialization and as such, I have countless friends.

Though all humans are not the same in terms of certain qualities or characteristics I here to believe there are certain attitudes that run through the blood of some group of people. I've taken time to analyse some of my friends who grew up in a poor family and from my research, they all share certain things in common.

If you are a lady and your guy shows off these attitudes, please don't dump him, just know he has been through the lemons and fires of life.

1. Not throwing anything away

luggage trunk storage stock

It is very hard for someone who has waved poverty to throw things away just like that. Mostly, I noticed that some of my friends were using phones with some cracked screen which sometimes makes it even difficult for them to swipe left or right but the funny thing is that they are not ready let it slip into the bins.

For some guys, when their clothes are old and they feel like they can't were them outside, it becomes home cloth and from home cloth then it becomes dusty cloths and finally threads.

2. Wating time instead of money

london stop human united kingdom

Your guy might insist that they wait for a taxi, buy on promotions or spend some time in the kitchen and the reason is that he won't want to spend unnecessarily. But you know that time could be saved for other things if you both ordered Uber or something like that, went to the supermarket instead of the kitchen and others. In fact, they act, thinking that they are saving money rather they waiting time and you know, time is money.

3. Prefer to Pay in Installments

Even if they have the full cash to blow, they will rather go for future security buying paying in instalments.

4. 'One man thousand'

single man working

As most of you will like to call it, 'One man thousand.' If your boyfriend is a tiler, carpenter, painter, plumber, electrician, tailor, barber, mechanic, cobbler, repairer and others just know he has been through hard times before. Poverty can really make you a 'jack of all trade.'

5. What do you also think, guys from poor background behave like?

Please Share for us.

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