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DateRush: What will be Your reaction towards your partner about this issue?

Date Rush is a program which is normally shown in every Sunday on Tv 3. The program was made in a way that, both sexes may granted an opportunity for single men and women to get a date or partner.

The challenge is made for men to appear on the show to impress a panel of ten ladies with video presentations about them and some dancing moves. Sometimes too, the challenge is also made for ladies to appeal on stage to get a date.

Many people thought the show was scripted but there was an indication that, the show was not scripted and that, everything happening on the show was not coordinated

In the process of the show, when the date walk in and you find out that he or she is your taste and meet your standard, then you keep your rush on but if you're not interested in the person, you just turn of your rush.

Lets see this , in case you and your partner have fully prepared and buy everything to get married and its left with some weeks to the wedding, but you wanted it to be special and public. Both of you plan to be on a date rush so that, during the wedding you will welcome more people from the platform to look very attractive. Without informing the host and participate about your plans and to God be the glory both of you get the opportunity to be on the set.

So in the action your partner appears and meet you and she or he do everything as expected to so on the show and nobody turn off his or her rush because your partner was everyone favorite base on his or her video, and he or she manage and turn off 8 rushes and leave two rushes on as interacted by the host for the sake of the question tag. So your partner ask the question and you answer and the other person did, but your answer did not convinced your partner and he or she came boldly to turn off your rush and chose the other person instead of you and you also find out that, the person he or she chose is your partner ex.

So if its was to be you, what will be your reaction toward your partner on stage or after stage about this. All comments are welcome and Let's share to have fun thank you.

Note: this is not from the coordinators but from my own points of view thank you.

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