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Meet the man who lost his arms, legs, and a part of his face but still found true love.

As people, we take for granted a lot of things before we lose them. We don't realise how vital certain things on us, such as our legs, hands, mouth, and other body parts, are until we lose them. If you lose some part of your body, such as a leg, a hand, or an ear, you will realise how difficult life is without them. This is what a man named Alex Lewis realised after losing his legs, hands, and mouth to a disease.

Alex Lewis was a strong, attractive man who seemed to have everything going for him in life. He had someone who adored him, he has a son, and he enjoys drawing as well as spending quality time with his son. But all of that changed one day when he caught a common cold that started to destroy his body. Alex got a cold one day that he dismissed as nothing more than a common flu that would go away on its own, but it turned out to be a life threatening disease called streptococcal infection, which caused blood poisoning and multiple organ failure in him.

When he was taken to the hospital, he was told that he had a slim chance of surviving and that even if he did, he would lose all of his arms and legs, as well as undergo facial surgery because the infection had eaten away half of his face, causing his mouth to shrink to the size of a small coin. His legs was been amputated from the ankles, his arms was also amputated as well, and his face was so unrecognisable after surgery that his son was afraid to approach him.

A fit, strong man who wanted to do great things in life was completely immobilised, and he couldn't even get out of bed without help. Throughout it all, his girlfriend, Lucy, stayed with him and helped him despite the fact that she was told many times by friends and family that she should leave him. Alex was able to heal thanks to her love and care, and he is now able to move on his own with the help of prosthetics. Alex and Lucy are now married and share a home with their son.

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