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How traditional marriage is done in the Dagaate home

Marriage as the union between man and a woman, is seen as a way of joining two families together the Dagaate traditional home.

They believe that when two people are happily married, they bring happiness also to the parents and relatives of both husband and wife.

In the Dagaate land in the Northern part of Ghana, the marriage is only considered a perfect marriage if the groom and his family are able to pay full bride price of the bride.

The bride price however, is not fix amount of money or animals for all families.

Most families takes their bride price depending on the amount they paid for the bride mother.

It is however a key thing in the Dagaate marriage that, the groom family first send a cock to seek the hand of the lady(bride) in marriage.

If the bride family accept the cock, then it means they are ready to give out their daughter for marriage to the other family. But if the reject the cock, all other marital rides cannot be carried out which means, their daughter cannot be given for marriage to the groom family.

After the knocking or seeking of the hand of the bride for marriage, a day is then settled on by the groom and communicated to the bride family on the day the bride price will be paid.

These are the common things most families of the Dagaate always collect for bride price:

1. Cowrie

2. Hens and cocks

3. Guinea fowls

4. Cattle in some families

5. Amount of money in cash

The above items are very common among the Dagaate marriage. But the exact number you will pay depends on how they dairy the bride mother.

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