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Do You Value Your Relationship? Then Save It Now. (A Savior For Your Relationship)

Nowadays love is getting complicated to the extent that people give up or do not believe in it. It's not easy though but have you asked yourself how is it that people are enjoying it whilst you are not? Have you thought of it? 

Is there away you can maintain hours peacefully or not? Do you want a change or you believe it will never change?.

Now let us look at some things that people believe in but are really of no use and is affecting our love life negatively. These things are due to our obsession with social media ideas which we depend on in our real life.

1. Bestie meaning a best friend but it seems a lot have taken it to be consolidators. They find it hard to keep their relationship issues between them and their partners but share it with them. At the long run they end up finding comfort in them and it ends in something else .

2.Crush is someone they have unrequited love for but it is for a short time. But due to social media influence it is seen as an everlasting thing therefore people in relationship tend to see their crush more handsome or beautiful than their partners and as a result they begin to give in to them.

3. Pressure from one side. When one partner keeps pressure on the other especially in accepting them. This sometimes comes to the side of guys where they in dying need of a lady but have no patience in waiting. Do you think someone like that will ever have patience in doing things well in the relationship? No, because they rush for things they do not know much about.

It is not easy been pressurized. Imagine an inflated balloon that is been compressed, it ends up bursting, that's how the relationship will end up to be.

Do not be moved by social media life. Most are not real, live a real life so you can enjoy your life. Most things are only done to impress people. No one will want to post their exact problems on social media. Everyone pretends to be ok with it but behind the scene are worst situations.

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