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Stop Them Now: Common Things Men Do That She Probably Hates

We all have a hard time finding the time to say the first "I love you". At that moment we have doubts about whether we are rushing, or if you are going to overwhelm the other person, or if it really is not love what you feel. I am going to try to clarify it for you. It is true that not all men should be put in the same bag, but what is true is that there are certain things, which I don't know why, but all men do and we die of rage.

Sending messages with a "what's up?" or a "hello" and NOTHING ELSE

Why? Why do you start a "conversation" with me, if you don't plan to keep talking to me later? If you do not have time to talk, or you are directly overwhelmed by talking through messages, do not start a conversation with anyone, least of all with a woman.

Not changing the sheets

It's great that you shower and change your clothes, but what good is it if you arrive at night and get into the sheets that you've had on for 6 months? Friend, there are smells that should not be tolerated. And believe me, no woman I know will go to bed in that situation.

Getting angry with them when they have their period

Do you think it is part of them to spend 5 days bleeding, every month, for at least 30-35 years of their life? (Do you need an answer?) You just had to have a dog's face for this fact.

Touching her phone

Surely you hate them picking up your mobile, because exactly the same thing happens to them.

Leaving the toilet seat up.

Waking up in the middle of the night, sitting down and falling into the toilet ... is there anything worse? Please, it's so easy, like leaving everything covered before leaving the bathroom. So easy.

Take offense when they can't meet, but get overwhelmed if they make plans to meet

If women are difficult, imagine yourself. The line that separates overwhelm, from the feeling of abandonment, is so fine that it is inevitable to be continually crossing it.

Getting angry when they put on your clothes

Women love to wear your shirts. Call it fetishism, or just whim but we love doing it. So stop getting mad, because they're going to keep doing it.

Spending long hours playing video games

This is neither entertaining nor sexy. Take advantage of the free time to do this, and when you are together propose a better plan.

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