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FOR ALL: Check Out The Dangerous Health Effects Too Much Sex Can Cause To You That You Don’t Know.

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There has been a lot of relationship advisers hosting programs on television and other media for which they campaign that, not having sexual intercourse for a long time or frequently have side effects. This has created fear and panic in many as they are forced to go by the advise give out by this people. As we all know, too much of everything is bad likewise sexual intercourse. In this article, I will want to share with you a dangerous health hazard too much sex can cause on you as an individual and other implications. 

The body’s endocrine and exocrine system together controls our feelings, emotions and others drives and they tend to be overproduced when we do such activities all the time. Their overproduction have side effects as well.

During intimacy, the brain release hormones called dopamine in men, oxytocin in women and endorphins.Dopamine in men is associated with pleasurable sensations, along with learning, memory, motor system function, and more. Serotonin. This hormone (and neurotransmitter) helps regulate your mood as well as your sleep, appetite, digestion, learning ability, and memory whereas Oxytocin in women, does the same. These hormones when produced rampantly or continuously can increase the blood pressure in your veins. Because of the increased blood pressure, blood clots can be pushed to the brain, leading to a stroke which can be deadly if not taken care of in the shortest possible time.

What is stroke?

Stroke is a medical condition in which a whole part of the body becomes disabled due to lifeless cells and neurones in that particular region. The most common type of stroke one is susceptible to when he or she indulges in numerous intimacy within a short period is Ischemic Stroke as a result of blood clots as said earlier.

Treatment of such type of stroke really costs for all blood clots are to be exhumed from affected blood vessels. This is done by the use of intravenous tissue plasminogen activator when only detected at an early stage.

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