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23-year-old Lady Allegedly Used For Money Rituals By Her Sakawa Boyfriend in Ashaiman

Life is full of uncertainties, very difficult to believe the things that happen everyday. It is always beyond our imagination and tough to understand. The killing of boyfriends, children, adults, and girlfriends for money rituals has become rampant and I believe it is time they should hear the word of God.

Now, the dream for any young man is getting money. Having money though is not a sin but is it the right way you are using it to get the money, that is the major question.

The Youth of today think of shortcut ways in getting money and nothing else. Most of them want to leave a lavish life but they are not ready to work genuinely. Remember there is a judgment for all of us.

Another sad news coming from Ashaiman Lebanon a young lady who will be in her 20's to '30s allegedly killed by her Sakawa boyfriend for money rituals. According to the information I received from her friends they have dated for almost four (4) years.

According to the information he killed her and dumped her in a river close to where they stay. Unfortunately for him, someone saw him and reported the case to Ashaiman police station which led to his arrest.

The case is with the police for further investigation. Kindly follow me as I bring you an update on this sad incident.

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