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What To Do On Your First Date

So you’ve met a great girl and you have her number (or maybe she has yours). You think this is going to be a great relationship—the trick is how to get it started on the right foot. The first date counts for a lot, so make sure you make a strong effort to show your date just how much you want to make it a pleasant experience. The following twenty-five tips will help you do just that!

If a woman is interested in you and has given you her phone number, she is going to be very eager for your call—so don’t make her wait!

You’ve probably heard girls joke about “waiting by the phone” for a guy to call. Well, obviously women have their own lives and don’t spend all their time sitting around waiting for a man to pick up the phone! But it is true that women tend to devote a lot of energy to thinking about when a man will call or why he hasn’t already called. If you’ve gotten a woman’s number and have told her that you will call, call within a few days at most. Don’t make her wait for weeks and weeks.

Your date will know by your date invitation whether or not you paid attention to what she said she likes.

Let’s say that when you first met this girl at a bar, she spent an half-hour talking about how much she loves films. It would be a great idea for you to ask her out to the movies for your first date. If she told you she likes classics, look through your local newspapers to see if there are any revivals playing nearby. By paying attention to what she tells you, you can easily figure out what would make a great and memorable first date.

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