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Date Rush;Noella Walks Home Without A Date, Surprises Contestants Whiles Broken Hearted Ima Weeps

Everybody is looking for love and even though they know their flaws and know they are no where close to perfection, they expect guys who will shower them with unconditional love daily. They just want to let you know that all they have is their love and the bond they will share after being searching for love over the years. Noella, the first female contestant who indicated that she was a model and student walked on stage prospecting to meet a date.

The strongest of relationships often go through the worst of times. Don’t be so arrogant as to assume that love and relationships are easy. They aren’t. If you don’t believe it, then you’re going to end up learning it the hard way. Relationships are just never a sure thing.

The earlier you understand and come to terms with that fact, the better the chances you have of actually finding yourself in a successful long-term relationship. She was shy as she was about to go on stage to meet the guys.

Her prescription was a guy who was caring and romantic. In her second video, she indicated that she loves guys who communicates. In the near future she wants to be a news anchor.

The most shocking revelation was when she said she spends in guys. Luck eluded her, when most of the guys turned off their rush. Those whose rushes were on were also rejected by Noella notable amongst them was Ima who cried.

In the end, her kind of guy she wanted was Blessing who also didn't like her. Noella walked home without a day. What a sad episode.

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