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Should A Lady’s Decency Be Judged Based On These Things? (Read More)

In our Ghanaian society today , there are things that society frowns upon and as a result of that if you do them as a lady you loose respect.As a result of modernization and also the emergence of social media, young ladies or women from all especially from Africa have been exposed to certain lifestyles which contradicts with cultural practices and beliefs.

In many scenarios, these habits and lifestyle emanates from the western culture. Examples of such lifestyles are; wearing of anklets, nose piercing, tattooing, etc.

Taking Ghana into consideration, when a lady wears anklets, pierces her nose , go in for tattoo etc, the society turns to judge her based on that. They make say that lady was not properly trained by her parents, she’s wayward and sometimes people even try calling them names like, prostitutes.

So the question we are asking is, should a lady’s decency be judged on these things? Kindly comment . Thank you

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