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Who is supposed to propose for a relationship - The man or the woman??

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In our modern world, it is often seen that men propose for a relationship and in a relationship. Many see it as a fair means of showing love to the opposite sex. Others also think it won't be bad if a woman does the proposal. With different opinions from the two genders, let's take a look at what might change when a relationship is concerned.

Normally, men do propose in our modern relationships even though it started way back in the 19th century. This is usually done because it is believed that the man would be responsible for the wellbeing of the woman who used to live in her parents house before a proposal is being made. Also, women are less productive at homes with money which led to men being the first to propose.

Women on the other hand are not less human to propose first. In some cases, men are usually shy to approach ladies which cost them a lot. When this happens, the woman being the first to propose and approach the man would be very key to building a strong relationship since love would be considered upon all things.

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