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Meet 26-Years Old Lady Who Married Her 44 Years Old Mother, See Touching Reason For Her Decision

Deciding for yourself and deciding what you want, regardless of what others say, is one of the most difficult things to do. A post is causing a commotion on social media. A South African woman has been married to her daughter, whom she gave birth to, her 26 years old daughter. 

This is so repulsive that I'm embarrassed to report it. I had to watch YouTube to confirm the news, and it's true: they are married together. Her daughter explained why she married her mother. She said she took care of her when she was small. 

Watch Video here

She was abandoned by her father and her mother was the breadwinner. Her mother suffered greatly as a result of her, and she stated that her love for her mother was incomparable. And the only way she could pay her back was by marrying her and making her happy. 

She said her mother is everything she has, and she knows how to please her and make her happy as a couple. Lolita is 44 years old, according to her. She told Reporters, she had to marry her daughter. It was the only way to make her daughter happy that if she had not married her daughter and her daughter would have killed herself. 

She says she can't stand seeing her daughter with another man, and she can't stand her daughter living her house. She was her entire world, which is why she married her: she makes her happy. What do you think of these two ladies? Are you supporting their marriage?

Watch Video here

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