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Broken Hearted Pastor Breaks Into Ex-Girlfriend's Room Through Rooftop and Beat Her

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Funny story as pastor climb ex girlfriends roofing to find way and enter into her room.

What happened?

From one of the eye witnesses, the lady has dated the pastor for a while, but due to some circumstances, they broke up. This pastor is believed to head a church called Gathering of Saints. 

The eye witness told us that, the pastor has tried all his best to make sure they settle the matter, but things didn't work out, since the lady has intended not to change her mind. So the pastor went to the ladies house and started knocking, so the moment the lady saw that it was the pastor who was knocking, she locked the door.

Due to the broken heart that he was facing, he was forced to climb the roofing of the ladies house and was able to remove one of the sheets and descended into the room. My brother my sister what went on inside the room was just interesting but sad, this pastor really beat the lady until she shouted on top of her voice for people to come and see what was going on.

God being so good, the neighbors came to her rescue, and the lady rushed to the nearest police station and made a report, the neighbors were able to testify for her when the police asked about how truthful the matter was. 

The police fined him, and if he is not able to pay for the money, he will be jailed for 5 good years.

I think the Pastor needs to be given life imprisonment, what do you say?

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