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7 reasons why guys date a curvy lady.

Why do men like curvy women? Do most of the men we interviewed once seem to be affected by those skinny magazine models that we tend to think of as perfect? It's no secret that many men like a girl with several extra pounds.

Here are the 7 reasons why men want curvy women

1. Cheerfulness. Men are a bit like the curvaceous feminine who perpetually smiles, a woman who can feel beautiful and at ease around others.

2. Peace of mind Annoying guys poke around for curvy women, which have an immediate calming effect.

3. The famous "curves"  The eye of the boy perpetually falls on the breasts and the weakened back and each boy appreciates more specifically the elegant lines, the people who represent us exactly, the women with curves.

4. Health. Beiaroundund woman, perhaps with heavier pounds (without this becoming a scientific problem) the pleasure of living, of doing fitness, and of seducing in the eyes of guys.

5. Generosity A curvy feminine reminds everyone of her mother: confident, generous, full of warmth to give. and that we, curvy women, are like that, attentive and gaga closer to our guy.

6. they give the impression of being younger. Men also like curvy women because, in general, they look younger. That's right, that extra fat smooths out those wrinkles, ladies! I was told on the opposite day that I was thirty-two. I am forty years old. My spherical cheeks play a huge role in trying to look younger.

7. It is a fertility index Another reason why men like curvy girls are biological and oblivious. Men associate wide hips and huge breasts with fertility, which they invariably have. a girl with changes have been mentioned above to be smart for pre, pregnancy, and men associate curves with this notion. Although they can't have children, the very fact that you look fertile forces them to mate with you.

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