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Check Hot Photos Of Drake's Girlfriend, Bria Myles. The Beautiful And Charming Model Of Our Time

Love is beautiful and it keeps us bond with each other in so many ways, it prevails in our world and leaves peace among nature. Love they say, comes with great sacrifices, happiness, pains and wounds and it is greatly seen in the world among two love birds who are romantically in love with each other. Sometimes love becomes so nice and beautiful among two people that when there comes a breakup, the society or the world still regard them as lovers even if they are not seeing each other again. Normally when two lovers break up, they are referred to as ex-lovers and not lovers but at the time some people even after their breakup are still referred to as lovers due to how society regarded their love as being a perfect one or how their breakup ended in peaceful terms and are still friends. In this piece, I will introduce you to one of the great model and media star who after breaking up with Drake, an American popular musician for years is still regarded as Drake's girlfriend.

Bria Myles is a charming and beautiful American lady born on 21st May 1984 in Los Angeles, California. She is a model, dancer an influencer and actor who has been seen in many music videos and causing a stir on Instagram with her lovely charming and beautiful body.

Bria Myles is popularly known as Drake's ex-girlfriend, the two dated in the year 2008 when Drake was making a breakthrough himself. It is at that time that Drake changes the title of his album from So Far Gone to Bria Interludes to celebrate his love. Unfortunately, they break up in 2010. Bria and Drake are still friends even though they are not dating again since their breakup was a peaceful one.

Below are lovely and sensational photos of Bria that are causing waves on social media.

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Bria Myles


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