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Adjetey Annan Is Very Loving; This Is Probably Why His Marriage Has Survived For 14 Years

Today's article doubles as my second article on this platform. In this article, I introduce our very own Adjetey Annan, who makes a lot of Ghanaians long to fall in love.

Adjetey Annan is very popular in the art community. Most people know him for the role he played in the popular television series "Things We Do For Love". In case you are still trying to remember him, this might help jog your memory; he acted as "Pusher" in the said series.

Since his first movie, he has starred and co-starred in a lot of movies in Ghana and abroad. Apart from the sensational actor that he is, Adjetey Annan doubles as a playwright and a poet. Interestingly, he is known to be one of the most romantic men his field.

He is married to a very gorgeous woman, Elom Annan and the duo never seize to amaze Ghanaian with wishful couple-goals. When it comes to love, I believe we can all understand that poets can really wet your appetite. What amazes everyone is that they have bek9en married for 14 years, yet their married still glows a new one.

Contrary to the belief that celebrity marriages tend not to work out on the long run, this couple seems to be doing very great in terms of their marriage life. They have proven to Ghanaians that despite that unfavourable odds against celebrity marriages, they are going to make it work. Every single day they spend together is a proof that that have defied the odds against them.

The question is, "How do they do it?". If you take a closer at their life, one thing seems to be very clear; they both like to spend very intimate time together. They have been spotted on numerous occasions spending quality time together, both at public places and in their home.

Although they are very busy people, they always make time for themselves. It appears that they put their marriage and their family above everything else. To the best of my knowledge, love can grow and the one true way of growing love is spending enough quality time with your partner or spouse.


Every human relationship has the capacity to grow or diminish in size. The good news is, one can always choose the direction in which the wind will blow. Most people think that having more money or some cosmetic appearance is the only way to improve their relationship.

Well, that may not be entirely true. Most people become so fixated on this that it ends making their relationship weak. However, spending more quality time with your partner will do the magic. It does not necessarily have to be expensive (like that of Adjetey Annan), but the goal is to make your partner your best friend, brother, sister, father, mother and your everything.

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