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Man falls down after kissing wife at their wedding pops online. Watch video

Weddings are for lovers as two lovers embarked on a wedding and the unexpected happened.

In a video which is circulating on social media, a groom was made to kiss the wife at a wedding ceremony which is a normal culture but the man fell down immediately after kissing the bride. The man is believed to be touched by the anointing after kissing the wife at the ceremony.

This made family and guests at the ceremony left in shock when the groom suddenly fell, rolling on the stairs leading to the altar, but became a bit calm after he stood on his feet screaming and spinning around under the anointing.

This news happen once in a lifetime. 

The man allegedly did that after the officiating pastor told them to do so.

This has made people talk about such a scene the man created. This made the wedding very dramatic.

Watch the video here.

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